Whittemore House Hair Paint

Whittemore House Hair Paint™ is a natural lightening powder that protects and nourishes the hair during the coloring process, and continues to strengthen for 72 hours after treatment

* Our Hair Paint is professional use only. You must be a licensed cosmetologist to purchase.
** For International orders please contact ct@whs.nyc.


01 Protect

Protective molecules previously only found in expensive anti-aging skin care technology, utilized for the first time in a hair product, and in powder form.

02 Strengthen

Molecules that come from 100% natural ingredients encapsulate each strand of hair, protecting it during the coloring process, and strengthening it at the cellular level.


03 Condition

Whittemore House Hair Paint protects and nourishes the hair. It continues to strengthen strands 72 hours after treatment, lifts more effectively than any other product and provides superior tonality.

How to Apply?

Step 1

Mix hair paint with your choice of creme peroxide developer to reach your desired consistency.

Step 2

Apply to hair with a tint brush, allow to process, rinse. Do not use with heat or heat lamps.


Learn before you buy

Join one of our custom hair painting education classes and get a chance to try Whittemore House Hair Paint™ before you buy.

WH: Painted. Rethink Color

WH: Painted. Rethink Color is a foundational course in hair painting. Led by Whittemore House Lead Colorist Alyson Pemoulie.
Date: Mar 24

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